Fogo De Ch-WOW!!

So it’s been a while since I updated this thing.  Apologies – preoccupation with an upcoming move to Austin has reared its glorious head.

For the past three months, I have been particiapting in a get-fit competition with three of my best friends.  One is getting married this summer, and I am the officiant.  The groom, the best man, the officiant, and a fourth great amigo all decided for a new years resolution we would get in shape for the wedding.  We all did great, everyone lost double digit pounds (the groom lost 20!  I came in 15 pounds down and finally seeing my aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabdominals again).  The bet was that whoever was deemed the winner – not neccessarily who lost the most weight but who hit and exceeded their goals the best (it was the goom) would get treated by the other three to this:

Wipe your drool off your keyboard.

That, my friends, is just a sampling of the selection of fine quality meats you can indulge in at Fogo de Chao, an UNREAL Brazilian steakhouse.  When I say unreal, I mean easily one of the top four or five meals I’ve ever eaten in my life.  And it is all you can eat – the best kind of weight loss reward ever! (please note the irony)  The four of us did it right – got suited up, three shots of Slivo then …

and we were off to Beverly Hills.  Big time night.  We get to Fogo and politely inform the hostess that we’d like to be seated in the “rowdy” section.  Great start.  They put us in a back room by ourselves (really cool actually) and the four of us begin a 4 hour conquest of epic edible proportions.  We started with the booze:

Its a mojito and a margarita rolled into one, with cane sugar booze. Delicious.

Then we hit the salad bar.  Our waiter/host was really cool, and let those of us noobs who hadn’t been there before in on a little secret – DONT FILL UP ON THE SALAD BAR!  It was really good, and there was seriously the biggest asparagus spear I had ever seen, but I took the waiter’s advice and got ONE of the stuff I wanted…a asparagus, a cucumber, a piece of salami (ok i had two…they were good).

After the salad bar and booze, we ordered a bottle of wine (I have no idea what kind.  Cab Sav I think.  I don’t know red wines too much so the guys ordered and I drank.  I actually really liked it too…this was about the first time I could appreciate the pairing of a red wine with meat) and then came the fun part.  At Fogo, everyone gets a stoplight card.  One side is red, and one side is green.  It defaults to red…and when you turn it to green…holy crap.  It’s like a tornado of bovine beauties and service like you wouldnt believe.  The chefs who prepare the food come parading out each cut theyve made themselves almost simultaneously.  They present it to you like “HERE EAT THIS” and they knife it right off the bone onto your plate.  Seriously…it was a constant bombardment of quality and scrumtrulescentness.

Simply put, it was effing incredible.  The quality of the meat was second to none, the fried bananas/plaintains/mashed taters they keep on refill were SO good, and it was seriously awesome to enjoy this ridiculous reward with great friends.  So without further ado…the top 5 best cuts of meat you can get at Fogo de Chao, as ranked by yours truly:

1. Filet Mingon

Simply put, just perfect. Tastes like butter, melts in your mouth, seared perfectly. It was the first piece of meat I had the whole night, and was hands down the best. Undisputed.

2. Fraldinha (Bottom Sirloin)

We took the advice of our waiter and had his favorite did not disappoint. Totally different from the filet - less buttery, more sear and crispness. Different kind of good, but so so so good.

3. Costella (Beef Ribs)

The beef ribs you have to request, they dont just parade them out like the rest. Let me tell you - they are so worth it. They carve them right off the bone, so tender and just awesome.

4. Cordeiro (Lamb)

A totally different kind of yummy. It was a nice break from the steak barrage when this tender, perfectly cooked and spiced piece of lamb showed up. A little bit lighter, but a lotta bit tastier.

5. Picanha (Top Sirloin)

This is the first thing on their "menu" and one of the cuts they are known for. Top Sirloin. Very, very solid. Rounds out the top 5 quite nicely.

Seriously, one of the best meals of my life.  And I gained back 3 of the pounds I lost! Everyone wins!


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  1. Whara says :

    From what I may or may not remember, Mom cokeod on Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, and any day of the year. Dad sat and had a beer, made some popcorn, and grunted now and again!

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